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Chicken with Raspberry Vinegar

Chicken with Raspberry Vinegar

This will be one of the most delicious and easiest ways you will cook chicken!


No need to wait hours marinating your chicken or carefully whisking together a sauce to serve with! It’s all done at once and in one pan! The butter and raspberry vinegar matched with the chicken is absolutely delicious.



Post Chicken Raspberry Vinegar

It is safe to say that raspberry vinegar is not one of the most popular vinegars, however is definitely worth having a bottle on hand and making it one of your kitchen staples. Vinegars actually contain many health benefits. They do not contain many vitamins and minerals, however they make up for this with the important enzymes and amino acids they contain. Vinegars have some pretty amazing health benefits such as helping to support detoxification, kills bacteria with its anti-microbial properties and help reduce blood pressure.


It is definitely worth incorporating some kind of vinegar such and raspberry or apple cider in to your daily diet today. Use it in marinades, sauces or dressings… or if you’re feeling really brave serve 1 – 2 tablespoons straight up, (be sure to have a glass of water on hand to wash it down).

"Yuca brand of vinegars is made by Goyval Vinegar, a family business located in Castilla la Mancha in Spain’s largest wine producing region. Elaborated with organic ingredients, its ingredients list is clean and simple: organic wine vinegar, organic concentrated grape must and organic raspberry puree "
Goyval Vinegar

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Marinated Artichokes Appetizer with Piquillo Peppers

A Mediterranean inspired appetizer is sure to please any crowd! Artichokes are quite popular for their great taste and flexibility in how it can be used in all sorts of meals. They are also high in fibre which can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels and help prevent chronic diseases.


Both the artichokes and olives (including the olive oil) are high in antioxidants which help our body fight against free radicals and ward off disease, including cancer. Antioxidants also slows the signs of aging, are great for heart health, supports the immune system and lowers risk of infections.

It’s safe to say that this delicious appetizer doesn’t only pack a punch when it comes to taste, but comes with some amazing health benefits also!



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Amazing Summer Beet Salad

Looking for an exciting salad sure to impress at your next get together? This beet salad is full of flavour with the sweet earthy flavours of the beets being complimented with the freshness of the herbs and the savoury, salty flavours of the olives.



Not only is this dish full of flavour it is actually good for you too!

Did you know that beetroots contain valuable nutrients that can help lower blood pressure, boost stamina and support your immune system?

This salad also goes a long way to support and fight inflammation. Beetroots contain a source of betaine, a nutrient that helps protect us from different environmental stress. It also helps reduce inflammation, enhance performance and protects internal organs.

Beets aren’t the only ingredient that should be highlighted in this dish. Both the apple cider vinegar and raspberry vinegars are alkalising in nature making them a fantastic support to our body’s detoxification process. With many people’s diet typically being too acidic, ingredients such as the vinegars are a great addition to incorporate in to your daily diet.

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